Towing service in Keizer, OR

We provide 24-hour towing and roadside assistance services in Keizer, OR. Whether you need local or long distance towing, need flat tire repair, a battery jumpstart, or you have run out of fuel, our expert technicians deliver professional, quality car solutions every time.

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Welcome to Keizer Towing Service and roadside assistance. We are located in Keizer and when you run into any car trouble, you can count on us to be there when your vehicle needs a helping hand.

Our business lies at the heart of customer service and we completely trust of our customers because they entrust us to support them during stressful times dealing with car trouble. Like you, we’ve experienced firsthand what it feels like to run into unexpected nails on the road, debris on the freeway, dead batteries, lockouts, and of course, dangerous weather.

We understand that during troubling car situations like that, it can be stressful, dangerous, and intimidating. At Keizer Towing Service, we empathize with what you’re going through and we want to make sure we reduce and eliminate the stress and anxiety as much as we can for you. We want to get you to your destination safely. From the time you call us, our dispatch team will be ready so they can get to you right away.

When you make a call with us, we are honest, upfront about pricing and services, and answer all your questions. Effective communication is extremely important to us, especially during troubling car situations. We want to make sure there is no confusion or hidden costs.

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Why you should work with us

Expert technicians and leading customer service

We strive to make sure you receive extraordinary experience every time you do business with us. Our goal is to provide the best 24hr towing service and roadside assistance for you. Our team of towing professionals are very knowledgeable about their craft, are always available to offer tips, and recommendations, and we’re available 24 hours a day.

All of our team members have gone through comprehensive training and our equipment is industrial, and state of the art. If you ever find yourself stranded on the site of the road for any reason and need emergency car assistance, give us a call at (503) 461-7502 and we’ll respond right away. Once we get your location, we’ll travel to you, and our technicians will go the extra mile to deliver the quality service and mechanical solutions that you deserve.

Making car trouble easier and affordable

From local car transports to long distance towing

Everyone needs 24 hour towing services at some point in their adult life. Every time you turn on the engine and back out of a driveway, there is a chance for something to go wrong. From brand new cars to classic hotrods, when something happens, it happens.

We know have options when it comes to tow truck companies. You need to choose the right one to work with. That means the company should have a reliable reputation, quality service that is professional and respectful, and that gets the job done well and promptly. At Keizer, our response time is quick, and we’ve been able to deliver quality results every time.

Not every customer that calls us requires light or heavy duty towing. We’re much more than a fleet of tow trucks thanks to all our roadside assistance experts. From all of the requests we’ve received over our the years, we are fully equipped to handle all other roadside assistance situations. If you find yourself running into these situations, we’ll be able to help no problem, don’t hesitate to call us at (503) 461-7502.

  • Dead battery and need a jump start
  • Vehicle lockout
  • Need gas delivered to your car
  • Tire changes and flat tire repair
  • Long distance towing
  • 24 hour towing support
  • Major or minor car accidents

Our towing services in Keizer

Keizer Towing Service provides excellent customer service and professional auto solutions for those that are stranded on the side of the road. Whether you need a local tow truck or a simple assist with a flat tire, you can depend on us for all our emergency auto services.

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24 hour towing services

Light and medium duty, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and SUVs. We’ll pick you up and take you where you need to go.

24 hour roadside assistance

From jump starts to engine trouble to fender benders, we’re available to help with accidents 24/7.

Flat tire repair

One of the most common annoyances we find everyday. Changing a flat tire is no problem for us!

Dead battery jumps

From extreme weather conditions to old batteries and parasitic draw, we can easily jumpstart your car.

Long distance towing

Whatever distance you need to travel, we’ll always have the right towing option for you.

Locked keys in your car

If you lock your keys in the car or run out of fuel, let us know and we’ll arrive quickly on scene to help.

Our top roadside assistance tips to help you manage a car emergency

1. Invest in a small emergency kit

A little kit like this can go a long way. Whether it’s something you buy at the store or build one yourself, make sure to have these essential items:

Jumper cables


Tire pressure monitor

Duct tape

First aid kit

Multipurpose tool with a knife and screw driver

Smartphone charger

2. Safely get off the main road

Once you start to experience an issue, turn on your car emergency lights find the next available space away from busy traffic where your car won’t be in the way of moving cars. If a shoulder or wide lane isn’t available, look for the nearest exit, residential street, etc. Never stop in the middle of the road unless you have no choice. This is extremely dangerous for you and other drivers.

3. Stay near your car

Have at least one person near your vehicle at all times. There’s no need to walk down to the intersection a mile down the road.

4. Call for roadside assistance

This part is easy! Once you’re in a safe area, give us a call, tell us where you are, what issue you’re dealing with, and we’ll send an expert that can remedy the situation.

Our trusted partners

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